Top 10 Best Christmas Apps 2018 That You Must Have

For this year’s Christmas coming ahead, what have you planned for your smartphone device? The phone won’t ask for a gift from you, but you can use a few apps on it to pass your leisure time during the Christmas holidays. There are plenty of apps to please you during the holiday; for example, you can now track Santa’s movement or grab some instant tips on some particular recipe for Christmas.

Here, we have sorted out top 10 apps for Christmas.

Top 10 Best Christmas Apps 2018 That You Must Have

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

It’s a game to keep you busy in your during the times when you can’t find anything to do. Doodle Jump Christmas Special is the Christmas special game for the game that came before the one we are talking about now. However, it’s an endless survival game where your role is to guide a little doodle monster as high as you can. To play the game, just tilt the device in the required directions and the doodle will move.

Download here.

Gift Plan

Gift Plan is a planning app where you can put all your thoughts and plans about the upcoming Christmas. You are indeed planning to buy gifts for the people you care about, and it gets easier if you organize every data somewhere. Gift Plan allows you to jot down your thoughts as a list on this app and you can plan for events far ahead of it.

Download here.

Gift Wrapping Instant Expert

Gift wrapping is not much comfortable as it seems. Often when you get a nice wrapping sheet, you get confused where to start and how to proceed. To save you from the confusion and frustration; this is the app you need. From basic gift wrapping to highly creative designs with add-ons like bows or ribbons; follow the app’s guidelines. You will end up with a beautifully packaged box.

Download Here

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List

Looking for the best meal this Christmas to soothe your delight? Or, can’t find a specific menu from a list of some few thousands of recipes? Take Epicurious’ assistance. Here’s you can find the best sites like Redbubble which helps out to buy your favorite design printed clothes and many more items. You can see almost everything, from traditional to trending now. The best recipes of the present year would be listed with their recipes so that you can prepare them on your ways if you wish. Cook your best roast turkey or cranberry sauce this Christmas. It doubles as a shopping list as well!

Download here.

NORAD Tracks Santa

This app is intended to track Santa; no matter whether you believe in Santa’s existence or not. The app would be entertaining to both you and your little champs in your house. However, this app is different from Google’s Santa Tracker in so many ways. NORAD Santa Tracker makes you believe that Santa is doing things for you and he’s taking flights all across the world. There are also few apps to keep you glued to the app. It is entertaining indeed.

Download here.


Maybe some distant relatives are long forgotten, or perhaps you just can’t manage to make time for them. That doesn’t mean you don’t even miss them; it’s just the busy life that caused the distance. Or maybe the case is you have just forgotten to wish someone with a gift on their special occasions; this applies to a forgotten Christmas wish as well. Whatever it is, Moonpig is a gifting service that would prepare customized gifts for you. The gifts listed under Moonpig are usually cards, flowers and greeting cards, etc.

Download here.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Dr. Seuss

It’s a children book presented in the format of a digital book. The classic written by Dr. Seuss now makes its way towards the digital methods of reading. The moral of the story is to teach the young champs that the happiness of Christmas lies within peoples’ hearts rather than material happiness. The Grinch steals all the Christmas presents, but he gets surprised when people still start a happy morning singing to Christmas chorus,’ and he realizes the real meaning of Christmas.

Download here.

Amazon Mobile

The mobile app platform for Amazon lets you search for anything you want to buy, buy them and rate them. You can do most tasks using the app that you do on their website. Amazon mobile app interface is sleek and simple, yet it looks exquisite to your eyes. You can quickly run a comparison between products and you can even purchase this app. Not a perfect Christmas but it can get you the perfect Christmas gifts!

Download here. 

Tesco Mobile App

You will need lots of groceries during this Christmas. They may be for your experimental recipes you are going to cook or just wrapping stuff. If you can’t manage time to drive yourself to the grocery shops during your busy schedule in pre-Christmas time, then use Tesco. It saves a lot of your time and offers convenience as well.

Download here.

Christmas Radio

This Christmas if you crave to listening to some favorite Christmas song of all time but can’t find them, then download the Christmas Radio app on your smart device. Holiday music lovers would find this app very useful as it lists all popular songs on your demand and the service is free. The latest version is 8.1 which is all updated with favorite songs till 2014.

Download here.


As you can see, there are plenty of apps you can install on your smartphone to make this Christmas more colorful. The apps listed here would be highly appreciated by you and by the people you care about. Most of these apps are free.




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