Top 7 Home Electronic Trends That Will Rule 2019

Home! How will you describe your home? By many words and sentences. It is the most beautiful place in your life. Your family’s dwelling and all. In recent times, with advancements in technology, AI-enabled electronic appliances have become a part of your life. The reason, they give more benefits.

Even in a traditional country such as India, you can get smart tv to smart speakers to smart homes. Yes, the home improvement industry is undergoing a major shift towards technology. In this article, we give information on the top seven home electronic trends that will rule 2019.

How Did AI Powered Home Appliances Became Popular?

The main reason, AI gadgets have become a hit with the common public. Not to mention the benefits. Let us visualize your family living in a smart home. The seniors find it difficult to switch on and off the lights and open the doors.

But with AI enabled gadgets, they can give commands to the electrical outlets to switch off the lights or switch them on. With Alexa, they can listen to their favorite songs, lock and open the doors. All by making use of a mobile phone. The biggest benefit lies in saving money on heating and electricity bill costs.

Smart Speaker

Top 7 Home Electronic Trends That Will Rule 2019

The Echo of the recent version is small and more attractive compared to the previous model. Additional feature – you can change the color to match the decor. And it does every activity as the previous model. You can control the smart gadgets, check weather and many more. You can also purchase things online only by your voice. Yes, the voice is very sweet. Another example, you can have is the Google Home.

Smart TVs

Top 7 Home Electronic Trends That Will Rule 2019

In short, the TV monitor has changed from a normal part to a screen. You can watch YouTube, play games and more. Also, the recent TVs deliver good quality pictures even with low bandwidth.

Smart Thermostat

Top 7 Home Electronic Trends That Will Rule 2019

The new version has come with the name of Ecobee4. It has a nice touchscreen and also a remote sensor. So, you do not have to worry about the heating or cooling of all the rooms in your home. In the new version, Alexa is in-built, so you can easily control other smart appliances.

Light Bulb

The best example is the Philips Hue White Starter kit. You get two bulbs and also a hub. The advantage, you can easily connect them to a variety of smart home systems such as IFTTT, Nest, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Alexa. Do you find it more taxing? Then you can make use of the Philips Hue Sync app.

You can control the smart bulbs from your computer or mobile. You can control their color as per the music, video, and movies played on the computer. There is also an option to modify the themes and colors as per your requirements.

Best Video Doorbell

One of the best video doorbells is the model from Nest. The speaker and microphones are excellent. The camera can identify faces and you can get an announcement or alert if a guest comes to your door. Yes, you will a wire connection, but it can record videos.

Smart Lock

Top 7 Home Electronic Trends That Will Rule 2019

Do you worry if you have forgotten to lock the door? Do you have ten members in your family, who go out every day and come at different times? Then, instead of ten keys, install a smart home lock. You can give temporary keys for a small duration to the delivery boy to keep the parcel in the visiting room while monitoring his activities via the CCTV camera. And this smart lock is compatible with every smart device in your home right from Home Kit to Google Home to Alexa.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Top 7 Home Electronic Trends That Will Rule 2019

How many times, did you want anyone to open the garage door after a hard day’s work? Take the Chamberlain garage door. You just have to tap the device screen and the door will open or close. You can make the adjustments via your mobile phone. The door can open and close as per your requirement.

Smart Air Purifiers

Indian cities have become famous for pollutions. You cannot control the air outside your home, but inside, you can. So, a smart air purifier is the right electronic mechanism to take off the air pollutants from your home.


Even builders and contractors have taken note of the popularity of smart appliances. In recent times, homes in Bangalore and every Indian urban city are built keeping in mind of a smart home. So, the electronic appliances have made a rapid transformation from just an appliance to a decor piece. Let us visualize what the future of home electronic appliances are. And let us take, for example, a computer or laptop.

You cannot know when the laptop can become prone to errors/repairs. In a similar situation, you have to hire a computer repair expert in Bangalore to fix the problem. But the future smart computer will have specially designed applications which can send you an alert in case of a component or software failure.

So have you read about the top 7 home electronic trends that will rule 2019? If you have liked the article, kindly put a favorable comment in the Reviews Section.


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