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Feb 06, 2023
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What's New

- Integrated Mobile Protect v22.5.0

About Am I Safe? Android App

"Am I Safe?" will ensure your device, network, and/or apps are safe. The app will immediately send you push notifications if your device has been compromised, if you have installed potentially harmful apps, or if you have joined an unsafe network (Carrier or WiFi).

Data Theorem has combined Google’s threat intelligence cloud (SafetyNet) with Data Theorem’s TLS protection (TrustKit) to ensure your device, network, and apps are safe at all times (24/7/365). Via its SafetyNet API & Verify Apps, Google actively scans 50 Billion apps on a daily basis, which makes it the most robust threat intelligence engine in the world.

Download now get the following answers in seconds:

▪ Does Google think my device is safe?
▪ Does Data Theorem think my network is safe?
▪ Is your device running the safest version of Android?
▪ Is full disk encryption enabled?
▪ Is a PIN/Password required to unlock my device?
▪ Is Google enabled to detect harmful apps?
▪ Has Google detected any harmful apps?
▪ Are non-Google Play apps installed?
▪ Is Google allowed to server me personal Ads?

A few examples of the hundreds of security checks are listed below:

✔ Potentially Harmful Apps
✔ Insecure/hostile networks
✔ Invalid TLS
✔ Root detection
✔ SELinux Status
✔ SD Card Tampering
✔ Presence of TLS tampering code
✔ Failure of DNS checks
✔ Presence of non-system apps running as system
✔ Presence of of non-Google Play Apps (Side-loaded)

Other Information:

Requires Android:
Android 8.0
Other Sources:


This version of Am I Safe? Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Feb 06, 2023)
Minimum OS
Android 8.0
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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