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Jul 07, 2018
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About HyunA(현아) - Lip & Hip Android App

In every corner of the world music and songs can not be separated everyone in this world has a very close tradition with music. music is a work of art that can make people who listen to be more cheerful and vibrant. in this streaming mp3 app providing songs for fans of HYUNA can enjoy all the songs on the likes. this application is very easy for you to enjoy the song from HYUNA. Have a complete feature so you are very comfortable to enjoy HYUNA Songs wherever you are. You can also sing along because there are song lyrics.

In every morning, noon, afternoon and evening almost always the sound of music and songs everywhere. Music gives its own color in your life. music is part of the work of art that can not be separated from our daily life. HYUNA's song gives you a special feel in your life. You can enjoy Mp3 Music HYUNA wherever you are. Mp3 Songs HYUNA's songs are complete with lyrics so you can sing along while the song is on the go and complete your happiness in enjoying streaming songs that are available in this app. HYUNA application has the best quality and very easy to use.

HYUNA songs can be enjoyed by sitting in your room, in the living room and in the kitchen, with your HYUNA application will be easier and more inspiring. sound yag in the streaming app stream this HYUNA song has a very beautiful voice and the best quality.

Application Features
1. Mp3 Player
2. Lyrics
3. Skin
4. Complete Song
5. Lightweight Applications
6. Setting

HyunA (현아) - Lip & Hip
HyunA (현아) - BABE
HyunA (현아) - Red
HyunA (현아) - Roll Deep
HyunA (현아) - How's This
HyunA (현아) - Bubble Pop!
HyunA (현아) - A Talk
HyunA (현아) - Freaky
And many more

This app requires a good internet connection. you can use WIFI / 4G LTE / 3G. Hope this streaming app can benefit you and make your life more colorful. selamta enjoy sending your criticism and suggestions to improve the quality of the application. THANK YOU

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Requires Android:
Android 4.0+
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This version of HyunA(현아) Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Jul 07, 2018)
Minimum OS
Android 4.0+
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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