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Oct 19, 2020
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What's New

Fixed a bug for making backups in Android 10+

About ✦ TREK ✦ Notes Android App

This is one of the best, most intuitive ways to take and organize notes. It's also a pleasure to use with its high-tech looks and sounds.

Product Features:
✦ Actions to add, edit, archive, trash, and delete notes
✦ To-do checklists
✦ Image, video, audio, and other file attachments
✦ Categories and tags to manage notes
✦ Sketch notes with any color or brush size
✦ Share or send notes through messaging and social apps
✦ Merge and search notes
✦ Agenda reminders with notifications and location
✦ Lock & Password app or note
✦ Export/import backups
✦ Resizable widgets in 3 styles and multiwidget support
✦ Add Notes shortcuts to home screen
✦ 30+ languages
✦ OK Google Assistant integration: just tell "write a note"/"take a note"/"note to self" followed by the content *manage default note app

The interface for this app is in my new DISCO✦TREK style. It is to parody the futuristic discotheque style new sci-fi designers are pushing. Surprise, surprise, it's still almost all blue and white and with text too wide to be practical.....
Of course, I modified it to make the aesthetics actually very functional, and not burn out your retinas.

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Android 6.0 and up
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This version of ✦ TREK ✦ Notes Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Oct 19, 2020)
Minimum OS
Android 6.0 and up
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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