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Jul 04, 2015
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About PCB Cyan ⁞ CM13 Theme Android App

▒▓ About PCB Cyan ▓▒ (Please read fully before rating and/or leaving comments)

Actively updated for 2+ years, the PCB series of themes return to Lollipop! With that same dedication, exquisite details have been applied to an extensive amount of elements. We're talking Material Light + Dark, PCB graphic images in the notification dropdown and various backgrounds, as well as 3 different styles of keyboards.

That's not all though, as a full theme support for Holo is included! Many developers have not quite updated their apps to use Material design, and in this case, they'll still look gorgeous due to PCB supporting Holo Light + Dark.

PCB also comes with:

► Custom, unique 8-bit boot animation
► "Exo", a sharp, easy-to-read font
► Wallpaper and Lock Wallpaper
► Techy ringtone and notification sounds

All of the above amounts to what is basically a 4-in-1 theme (Material + Holo // Light + Dark for both), delivering outstanding value at a low cost. Don't forget that the CM12 Theme Engine supports the ability to mix-n-match theme components, so use few, many, or all!

▒▓ Included Features and Themed Apps ▓▒

► Full system, Material & Holo (Light + Dark)
► Global icon styling
► Android Keyboard (3 styles to choose from)
► Contacts // Dialer // Phone
► Settings
► Trebuchet Launcher
► CM File Manager
► CM Updater
► CM Theme Chooser
► Play Store
► Play Music
► Keep
► Hangouts
► AudioFX
► Browser
► Gallery
► Calculator
► More in future updates!

▒▓ Installation Notes ▓▒

Simply install the theme from Google Play, then navigate to SETTINGS --> THEMES, and apply the PCB colour theme you just installed. If you have any issues with applying the theme, or some elements are not styled, simply perform a full REBOOT.

▒▓ The Full PCB Series ▓▒

Search my developer account ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=scar45 ) to find the following:

► PCB Blue
► PCB Carrot
► PCB Cyan
► PCB Green
► PCB Orange
► PCB Pink
► PCB Purple
► PCB Red
► PCB Yellow
► PCB Shadow (Dark)

There's also PCB Series for TSF Shell launcher!

▒▓ PCB Themes Google+ Community (Join to keep in the loop!) ▓▒

► https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/107017084756028138569

▒▓ FREE PCB Wallpaper App (for more) ▓▒

► https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.team.broccoli.pcb.wallpapers

▒▓ Support Notes ▓▒

Please note that while a huge amount of elements are themed, you may come across certain ones that were not. This is most likely due to the fact that the Theme Engine cannot quite style them yet, but I will continue to do my best to update it once available.

You may also sometimes see 'out of place' colours, which were used to target certain elements, however I did not find all of them (they might not even be used), but if you do, please include a full-resolution screenshot and post it to the Google+ community ( https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/107017084756028138569 ).

A _massive_ amount of work has been put into this theme, and I am sincerely doing my best to get it to perfection. Please consider this when leaving your rating!

▒▓ Purchasing this theme helps to support us developers immensely, giving us a strong drive to deliver more features, colours, etc. in the future. Please also consider rating the app, as this will help increase our popularity. Thank you sincerely! ▓▒

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This version of PCB Cyan ⁞ CM13 Theme Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Jul 04, 2015)
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