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Sep 27, 2018
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We're always working to improve your experience through new features and improvements. In this version:

* Bug fixes and stability improvements

* Add 360 photo

* Add instagram photo

* Add Food hygiene

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About Bac Ninh Guide Android App

Bac Ninh Guide is a free location-based mobile application that helps Bac Ninh citizen and tourist explore Bac Ninh easily and handily.
There are various aspects of each urban center, each land. It is the appearance of a city or a land and the path through history that create the portrait of that city, land. In contemplating an object or going sightseeing in a place, people usually take interest in what is exposed before their eyes, but to understand, to love, or to live with it, people often trace back to the past, the history.

A city or a land itself is not an exception. The fate of a city or a land depends on its attitude towards its own past and history. If a city or a land knows how to love the past and to respect history, its current position will be more steady and the road to the future will be brighter.

The past and the history of a land or a city include various tangible and intangible things. Relics and landscapes are an important part of the past, the history. Through relics and landscapes, we can see the attitude of our ancestors in dealing with the universe and with their people; we can see the image of many successive generations of those who had lived in that land; we can see the happiness and sadness, contentment and misery, worry and aspiration, sweat and blood of our ancestors on the long road through history and the past of the land.

People in the era of globalization are eagerly in search of both universal and humanity values. The farther and wider we travel, the more we need to turn round to observe our original face. Actually, the differentiation and uniqueness can not be detached from the past, or more precisely, a large part of it is determined by the past and its distinctive history.

Most of us have the need to understand history, or understand the past. And, obviously, the introduction of relics and landscapes is an essential task for each of us. In this way of thinking, we would like to introduce

Bac Ninh Guide is an all-in-one app you must have when travelling to Bac Ninh
Bac Ninh Guide guides you on what to eat , where to stay, and things to do in Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh Guide helps the local authority and local service companies to reach and sale to million of tourist and local user in Bac Ninh.

Shake the phone to get smart and realtime suggestion by context.

Bac Ninh Guide App is now available on both Google Play and Appstore.
Be safe - be free when traveling to Bac Ninh !

About us

InVietnam's mission is to provide travellers accurate, authentic local experience and up-to-date travel information at each region in Vietnam. We believe and encourage the development of eco-tourism, responsible tourism!

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(Sep 27, 2018)
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