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Oct 03, 2016
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A bathroom sink vanity has all of the same uses as a standard sink, only it has more storage space. As one or more people can use a bathroom sink vanity, two design options are available: single sink and double sink. Double sink vanities, of course, are longer and have two sink basins, but single-sink bathroom sink vanities with longer tops are another option if you're looking for more space for yourself. In terms of space, many of your standard bathroom items can be stored in the cabinets in these fixtures. Smaller cabinets, for example, are reserved for toiletries and hair tools, while the larger cabinets can hold cleaning supplies or even towels.

The basic design of any bathroom vanity includes a sink basin and a cabinet. In general, the cabinet is wood, while the basin is a porcelain material. As the cabinet needs to be protected from the moisture of the sink, often a stone counter top is added. This counter top is either made from real stone, such as granite or marble, or a man-made, altered stone. Other options include matching the counter to the sink basin. As a mirror is another piece common to many bathrooms, a set for a bathroom sink vanity may include a matching mirror.

Aside from use as a sink, another important quality for all bathroom vanities is storage space. The cabinet may be decorative, but it needs to have enough space. In general, one of these cabinets has doors or drawers of various sizes to store hair tools, cosmetics, toiletries, and towels. But bathroom sink vanities are designed in classic - or wood - and contemporary styles. Both have enough storage space but, with separate vanity cabinets in many metal and glass contemporary vanities, where and how you store things will vary with each style of vanity.

A sink is an important centerpiece for every bathroom. It is the place where you wash your face, brush your teeth and wash your hands. Moreover if there is mirror above the sink then you can even comb your hair in front of it. Another important piece of fixture to the sink is the vanity. Bathroom sink vanities provide a combination of storage, décor and usefulness. Wide range of these vanities is available in the market which you can select as per your choice and as per the overall décor of the bathroom. These vanities are also available in contemporary, traditional and modern style. A good sink vanity will surely brighten up your bathroom and will enhance its overall look.

In general bathroom sink vanities are available in two types including single sink vanities and double sink vanities. If you are looking for more space then single sink vanities with longer tops prove to be a good choice. These vanities provide enough space to store all your needed bathroom items. If vanities are small in size then they can be used for storing hair tools and toiletries whereas large cabinets can be used for keeping towels and cleaning supplies as well.

A bathroom sink vanity in general has a basic design which includes a sink basin and a cabinet. The basins are generally made of porcelain material whereas the cabinet is made up of wood. In order to protect the cabinet from the moisture of the sink they are generally available with an added stone counter top. These counter tops are made from various materials like marble, granite or man made altered stone. Many bathroom sink vanities also include a matching mirror which is one of the most common and useful piece of fixture in the bathroom.

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