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Feb 11, 2016
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About cataractDroid Free Android App

*Simulation/game of Capsulorhexis & Phaco - test your hand-eye coordination*
*** Available for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad from AppStore***
**** Capsulorhexis*****
- One of the challenging parts of a cataract surgery is capsulorhexis - a maneuver of tearing a round opening in the thin membrane overlying the native lens known as the capsule. In this app, you can tear the membrane flap with your finger to form a perfectly round opening for starting cataract surgery.
- The aim of the game is the prevent the membrane from tearing out to the side, while maintaining a round tear path.

***** Phacoemulsification of Lens *****
- An important part of cataract surgery is ultrasound phacoemulsification of lens (phaco). In this app you use your fingers to control a virtual ultrasound probe to phaco a lens.
- You can control the position and angle of the probe by sliding your fingers
- The aim is to phaco the lens into quadrants by following the guidelines and rotating the lens. Watch out not to puncture the posterior capsule or catch the anterior capsule rhexis edge!

Key features:
*** Rhexis ***
- You get a score on how closely you reach the target
- Time your procedure
- Adjust the size of the pupil and density of the lens to increase the challenge
- Adjust how spherical your lens is (affects how easily the tear goes out)
- Tear the rhexis clockwise or anticlockwise
- Save images of your rhexis for emailing to your friends

*** Phaco ***
* Use fingers to control phaco probe to phaco a lens into quadrants
* Adjustable lens density
* Adjustable capsulorhexis size
* Save image of your phaco end result for email to your friends
* Time your phaco procedure

*** Note this app is a virtual reality simulator/game - it is not intended for cataract surgery training. ***

Please visit my blog for latest information and tips on updates for this game.

cataracDroid App is Copyright© 2011 by Dr Yu Xiang George Kong MBBS BMedSci

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Requires Android:
Android 1.6+
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This version of cataractDroid Free Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Feb 11, 2016)
Minimum OS
Android 1.6+
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nodpi (all screens)

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