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Clay is a type of soil formed from weathering process of the earth's crust. The crust is partly composed of feldspatic rock (ie rock consisting of granite rock and also igneous rock). The decaying crust consists of various elements such as silicon, oxygen and aluminum as the most element. Then the heat activity of the earth makes the earth's crust decayed by carbonic acid. This process is what makes clay form.

Characteristics or Clay Characteristics

Clay has several special features that distinguish it from other soil types. The characteristics of the soil lait are as follows:

Has clay or stickiness

The most distinctive feature that marks this clay is seen from the nature of this clay. The clay is generally shaped as a hard lump when the soil is dry. But when the soil is exposed to moisture by water, it will feel sticky. This can happen because of the content of clay minerals that many contained in the soil. It is this stickiness that makes clay easy to form.

Has properties that are difficult to absorb water

One property possessed by clay or clay, which is difficult to absorb water. Because this type of soil is difficult to absorb water, these clay-based areas are not suitable for agricultural use. This is because the farm itself requires a layer of soil that has the properties of easy to absorb water.

The soil can be split into very fine grains when dry

Clay even when wet is sticky and the grains of soil are one with each other, but when in a dry state this soil can be split into fine grains, even very fine like sand or dust collection.

The ground is bright black or grayish black

Clay has the color of the soil is not dark and not too bright. In other words, this clay has a blackish color that tends to be gray.

Is a raw material for making handicrafts such as pottery or pottery

Because this clay has a sticky properties, then this clay is used as raw materials for making various handicrafts such as pottery and pottery. To make such a craft, clay should be eaten in temperatures above 10000 degrees centigrade in order to harden properly.
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