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Feb 06, 2018
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Coffee Table Design Inspiration

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It’s the pride and joy of any living room, the coffee table sits smugly centre place and probably gets the most airtime when it comes to entertaining loved ones or friends.

But is your coffee table doing your home and you any justice? Gone are the days when we had no choice but to walk in to the local department store and pick a colour, any colour, and small pickings at that.The real trick to creating rooms that are as full of character as you, is to think outside the box and start getting creative.

While they are called coffee tables, we all know that that is not the be all and end all of their existence. Think about the other items you like to keep at hand on your coffee table and let your imagination run wild! It’s a handy place for keeping your stack of home and garden magazines, for other leisurely reads, fresh flowers or other eye-catching knick knacks that suit the character of the room. Look at the different ways you use your coffee table and go from there. If you are someone who likes to be surrounded by beautiful things, think about having built-in shelves for holding your decor items.

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