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Sep 13, 2018
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About Collage Maker 3D Android App

Do you want to create photo collages with a 3d effect? Want to explore some amazing 3d pic frames? Then collage maker 3d is the ideal collage maker to do so.

Collage maker 3d is a photo collage maker, which can be used, to create, some stunning 3d collages with 3d effects, amazing poster and magazine like collages, and stunning frame and pip collages with various photo frame editing options.

Collage maker 3d app consists of five options ñ 3d collage, pip collage, poster collage, frame collage and magazine collage.

The 3d collage option enables us, to create photo collages, with some stunning 3d effects.

Using pip collage option of this picmix app or collage maker grid app, we can create pic collages of different shapes and patterns.

Use the poster collage option of this collage maker, to give the photo collage a poster like look.

The frame collage option of this picmix app lets us to create pic collages, using a variety of photo frame options.

The magazine collage option of this photo editor, lets us to create pic collages, using magazine cover photo frames.

This 3d picmix app is a very powerful photo collage editor too because of the variety of photo editing options it offers. Use this picmix app or collage maker lite app, to stitch your pics, using a variety of grid options. Use the grid options of this grid maker to effectively stitch your pics.

Use the pic stitch option of this collage maker with quotes on the photo, to stitch pics, with a number of photo frame options. Use this picmix app, to stitch pics, in a variety of ways. This collage maker for pictures, supports a wide variety of collage layouts. Use these collage layouts to create some impeccable pic collages.

This collage maker in different shapes supports plenty of shapes for pic collages, and that is why it can also be referred to as collage maker heart shape and collage maker rectangle, or collage maker square.

Key features 3d collage

1. 3d collage maker

+ Variety of 3d photo frames.

+ Add a sticker to the collage, to make it look beautiful.

2. Pip collage maker

+ Variety of pic collage frames of different shapes.

+ The photo can be adjusted within the pic frame, using this photo editor.

+ Add a background to your pic using this photo editor.

3. Poster collage maker

+ Variety of poster pic frames.

+ Add a background to your pic using this photo collage editor.

+ Use this collage maker to add a favourite thought to the pic.

+ Select your favourite sticker using this photo editor.

4. Frame collage maker

+ Collage layouts
This collage maker supports a number of collage layouts for collage making. It supports around 60 collage layouts.

+ Frame adjustment
Create collages, by adjusting images, within the photo frame, using this collage maker with text writing and collage maker best app.

+ Grid maker
The grid maker is a unique feature of this pic collage maker. Use the grid maker option to create some mesmerising photo collages.

+ Frame ratio
The frame ratio feature of this grid maker enables us to set the length and width of the photo frame.

5. Magazine collage maker

+ Choose a magazine cover pic frame for your photo collage.

+ The photo can be adjusted within the pic frame using this photo editor.

+ Use this photo collage editor to decorate your pic with a sticker.

6. Save the photo collage to the phone's gallery, using this collage maker top app and collage maker scrapbook app, or collage maker latest version and collage maker blend app.

7. Share the photo collages through social media platforms like Instagram, Picasa and so much more, using this collage maker Instagram app and collage maker creative app, or collage maker camera app and collage maker of less mb.

Collage maker 3d is one of the best 3d photo collage editors. Download this top 3d photo collage editor and collage maker new version, or quick collage maker and you cam collage maker app, for free, and create some impeccable 3d pic collages.

Other Information:

Requires Android:
Android 4.0+
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This version of Collage Maker 3D Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Sep 13, 2018)
arm64-v8a armeabi armeabi-v7a mips mips64 x86 x86_64
Minimum OS
Android 4.0+
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)