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May 07, 2024
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What's New

- Added an Identification Assistant (on main menu).

- Added a Moon Phase Calendar to astral section.

- Birthstones and zodiac stones listed in astral section are now clickable for quick access.

- Misc bugfixes and improvements.

Even more features & new crystals are coming shortly! These continued updates are dedicated to those that have supported us with 5 star ratings! It's a small thing, but it helps us out a lot and means we can afford to put more resources in to improving the app further ❤️

About Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition Android App

Love crystals, gemstones, rocks & minerals? Want to learn more about their properties, uses and benefits? Want to collect gemstones, explore the geology behind them, connect with your spiritual side through crystal healing & therapy, or perhaps catalog & track your mineral collection?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition - the original and authentic award-winning encyclopedia of crystals, gemstones, rocks and minerals.

Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition is the ultimate app for anyone fascinated by the world of crystals and has been the top choice among hobbyists, professionals and enthusiasts for over a decade. Whether you’re a collector, geologist, crystal healer/therapist, or just a curious learner, you’ll find everything you need to know about rocks and crystals.

Discover, learn, collect, share & discuss crystals, browse crystals by A-Z, search by names, or use advanced filters to find the perfect mineral for your needs. Photograph & catalog your own specimens, mark off collected crystals, and challenge yourself to complete our legendary Crystal Guide® Collectors Series. You can even create your own custom tags to find, group or categorize specific crystals.

Each crystal includes beautiful images, detailed info, facts, scientific, geological and metaphysical data. Learn about the physical properties, rarity, localities, storage & handling recommendations, and more. Explore the metaphysical aspects of crystals, such as their chakra, numerology, zodiac, planetary & elemental associations, healing and elixir advisories, plus detailed uses.

Share your crystals collection with friends, track friends collections, and participate in our community forums where you can ask questions, request crystal identifications, and chat with fellow rock hounds & geologists.

Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition is the most comprehensive app for crystal lovers, with a huge A-Z encyclopedia of crystals and gemstones and a dedicated mineral catalogging feature to help record and track your own collection of mineral and gemstone specimens. Our bespoke database of crystals is 15 yrs+ of work. Share, compare & discuss crystals with others, view the glossary of hundreds of terms, facets, gallery, reference charts & more. If you want to learn about citrine, pyrite or something rare, we’ve got it covered. Properly identify minerals and discover why AI / photo identification of crystals won’t give accurate results and the reasons why experienced mineralogists never use them (Hint: crystals are id’d with physical tests – definitive/accurate id from visual appearance alone is rare in mineralogy).

✪   Huge A-Z encyclopedia of crystals & gemstones
✪   Browsable and searchable, with 1000s of alternative names
✪   Adv. filtering to narrow down and identify crystals
✪   Catalogue your own mineral specimens, inc. photos and data
✪   Extensive scientific crystals, gemstones, rocks & minerals info
✪   Metaphysical info, inc. crystal therapy & elixir advisories
✪   Astral, birthstone, planetary & zodiac info
✪   Favourite, collect & share with friends
✪   Create your own Custom Tags – fully searchable and browsable
✪   Facet gallery & reference charts
✪   Compare crystals side-by-side
✪   Crystal Of The Day
✪   Per-crystal personal notes
✪   Cloud backup
✪   Colourful Themes & Dark Mode
✪   Widget integration (requires Crystal Widget)
✪   Free lifetime updates & expansions
✪   No ads, subscriptions or in-app payments

Get Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition today and start your journey into the amazing world of crystals, gemstones, rocks and minerals.

*Some features are device dependant.
Crystal Guide® is a registered trademark of M.Stevens.

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Android 6.0
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(May 07, 2024)
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Android 6.0
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