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Dec 19, 2013
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About Essential Kitchen Calculators Android App

Essential Kitchen Calculators will become your new partner in the kitchen. These calculators will save you time and eliminate the guess work in doing many complex cooking conversions. There are 16 calculators, conversion tables and handy look ups included to help you cook better and easier.

Weight to Volume Converter
Temperature Converter
Convection Oven Converter
Microwave Wattage Converter
Ingredient Weight Conversion and Recipe Scaler
Turkey Dinner Estimator
Turkey Defroster
Crockpot Conversions
BBQ Grilling Guides
Heirloom Measurements
Ingredient Substitutes
Sugar Substitutes
Spice Mix Table
Honey Flavors
Soup and Stew glossary

Weight to Volume Converter - choose from 180 common ingredients to convert a quantity between 28 common weight and volume measurements.

Temperature Converter - Convert between 5 common temperature scales.

Convection Oven Converter - Convert a time and temperature from a conventional oven to a convection oven. Convert by either Time or Temperature variance.

Microwave Wattage Converter - Convert from a recipe microwave wattage and time to your microwave wattage.

Ingredient Weight Conversion and Recipe Scaler - convert a given quantity between 69 common (and not so common!) weight measurements. You can also easily scale the conversion as part of the calculation.

Turkey Dinner Estimator - Don't guess for that next big meal! For a given number of adults and children, estimate amount of turkey, gravy and stuffing needed.

Turkey Defroster - defrosting time in refrigerator or cold tap water needed for a given weight.

Conversion tables and lookups-
Crockpot Conversions - cooking times and temperatures for many common dishes.

BBQ Grilling Guides - Exhaustive list of grill times for beef, pork, poultry, vegetable, game, fruit, lamb and seafood.

Heirloom Measurements - Many measurements from old recipes.

Ingredient Substitutes - a huge list of ingredients and their substitutes with measurements.

Sugar Substitutes - table of many sugar substitutes and their equivalent sugar measurements.

Spice Mix Table - many popular spice mixes with ingredients.

Honey Flavors - a fun look up of many different honey flavors.

Soup and Stew glossary - learn the differences between many soups and stews.

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(Dec 19, 2013)
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