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Nov 15, 2017
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Fencing is a martial arts using a weapon that develops into a cultural art of agility sport with a weapon that emphasizes the ability techniques such as cutting, stabbing or fending off an opponent's weapon using the skill in utilizing hand agility. In a more specific sense, the fencing is one sport that was taught in European schools in the past in practicing skills in using sharp weapons that eventually became one of the official sports in the Olympics.

The etymology of the word "fencing" in the Indonesian language comes from the French "en garde", meaning that in Indonesian it means "to prepare". The word "en garde" is used before the fencing begins, to give the player a "ready" command. In French itself fencing is referred to as escrime. Although we regard fencing as an entertaining game, as a weapon, as a means of education or sport, it turns out to have a long history of travel. Technical capabilities, record long achievements, beyond those things are the values ​​contained in the fencing itself is still taught through the practice of the sport itself.

If the history of fencing is traced, we will refer to the use of the sword. Ever since ancient times, swords were created as a means to protect themselves. Man uses his strength and dexterity, chooses materials and tools, improves his skills by using his ingenuity. All of that is the background of fencing.

Fencing was one of the few sports that recognized professionalism before the 1980s. Even in the early Olympic rules written by Baron Pierre de Coubertin (second president of the International Olympic Committee), it was clear that professional players called Masters were allowed to compete.

Fencing was contested at the Olympic Games for the first time in 1896. It is one of the few sports that became a regular program in the Olympics.

Here are some basic techniques Fencing game may be able to provide knowledge and add insight buddies gentlemen, for more jelasanya about Sports Fencing can my friend see.

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(Nov 15, 2017)
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