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GoPro SD Backup2Phone 480p

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Sep 14, 2013
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What's New


Added elapsed time counter.

Added file size and data size (total/left) counters.


Added copy start time stamp on download progress screen..


Major bug fix: app hanged if One Tap Preset was configured but not used.

New: added option to open backup folder after copy (requires ES File Manager to be installed)


Major bug fix: app hanged if the download status screen was tapped.


New: One Tap Preset.

Repeat your preferred settings with a single tap.

About GoPro SD Backup2Phone 480p Android App

GoPro SD Backup2Phone 480p

* Important note: If you have the free version installed, uninstall it before downloading this version!
Failing to do so will prevent the One Tap Preset feature from working.
If that already happened, long-tap the One Tap Preset button then restart the app to fix the problem.

Quickly backup your GoPro Hero SD card to your phone with 2 taps.

This app replaces the obsolete GoPro SD Backup2Phone.
Completely rewritten and optimized, with better performance, new interface and more flexible.

This app provides a quick and easy way to back up your GoPro Hero3 (or other model) memory card to your Android device.
It's designed specifically with the GoPro Hero3 in mind, but will work with any Hero card you can mount on your Android device.

You will need an OTG USB cable and a card reader (or Micro USB card reader) to mount your GoPro's SD card on your phone. OTG USB cables can be found in eBay for less than $5.
GoPro SD cards are automatically detected, and only the media files will be copied to your device.

* Important notice about card detection:
If your GoPro SD card is not automatically detected by the app, chances are your phone's ROM is mounting USB external devices in some subdirectory of the internal memory, rather than in the standard Android mnt directory.
If you are experiencing this problem, please email me.

This app was optimized for a 480p screen resolution(such as found on the Samsung Galaxy S2), but should work with any Android device that supports USB OTG and have a similar display resolution.

Devices with different screens may not display the app's menus properly but should still work, as long as OTG is supported.

* Your phone must support USB OTG (USB on the go).

* You must have a USB OTG cable and a USB card reader, or a micro USB card reader.

* You will have to know your phone's storage mount name (emmc, sdcard, ext_sd etc) to set up the backup storage location.

* Backup all media files from your GoPro Hero3 or other Hero models SD into your phone's storage memory with two taps.

* Backup files of one type only (photos, videos, video thumbnails or Low Resolution Videos), or any combination of types.

* One Tap Preset: Backup using your preferred settings (file types to copy and where to save them) with a single tap.

* Selectable destination storage (internal phone storage or expansion card).

* Destination folder is automatically named by date and time, and placed in "gopro backups" parent folder.

* Progress bar

Limitations/known issues:
* USB OTG data rate is slow. Live with it. It may take 10 minutes to copy 1GB.

* Not all OTG cables and card readers created equal!
Some will be slow to copy, drain battery in minutes, dismount the SD card, cause random reboots, or any combination of the above. Avoid using fancy readers with LEDs and hubs, they are power hungry and will cause you grief.
Test yours and change the OTG/card reader or both if you are having issues.
To conserve battery, remove your OTG when copy is finished.

* If your backup storage is full, the app may hang, or may report a successful copy, but the destination folder will have partial or no data. Free some space then try again.

* Large capacity memory cards consume more power. If your device behave nicely with smaller capacity cards but become unstable with the big ones, avoid using them.

* Data stored on the SD card, outside of the ###GOPRO folder will NOT be copied.

* Touching the BACK button will make the graphic interface disappear, but the app will not terminate. If a backup was in progress when this happened, it will complete successfully without any visual progress indication, then a copy-finished notification will show.

* If the GoPro SD card is removed while copying is taking place, the app may hang or report a successful copy.
Make sure your OTG cable and card reader are securely connected to avoid accidental dismounting of the card reader.

Other Information:

Requires Android:
Android 4.0 and up
Other Sources:


This version of GoPro SD Backup2Phone 480p Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Sep 14, 2013)
Minimum OS
Android 4.0 and up
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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