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Guide 2017 For Pokemon Magikarp Jump

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Jul 31, 2017
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What kind of Pokémon is Magikarp?
・ It's famous—for being pathetically weak, unreliable, and generally useless.
・ It can't learn any powerful moves—all it does is flop around and splash!
・ When it flops its way too high in the sky, it's sometimes snagged by the Bird Pokémon Pidgeotto—never to be seen again!

A handy reference guide and tips for Pokemon magikarp jump, for both beginners of the game! From learning the basics to game Pokemon magikarp jump, this app is a full guide and tips on the Pokemon magikarp jumpgame!

In Magikarp Jump players take on a role of a young Pokemon trainer who must catch, raise, and compete alongside their Magikarp to become to best jumper in eight different leagues. In guide pokemon magikarp jump apps we’ll go over some helpful Magikarp Jump tips and tricks to help you get a grasp on the game and get started on your journey to becoming the best Magikarp trainer in the world!

- It’s about guide, tips, training Magikarp, the most beloved Pokémon in the universe, to jump as hard as it can and squash the hopes and dreams of its opponents. But Magikarp Jump can be a complicated beast to master.

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