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Jan 01, 1970
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A few more bugs squashes. Sorry to the people still experiencing problems. We are continuing to work and resolve them.

About Hidden Object Mirror Mysteries Android Game

Help find all the Broken Mirror pieces in order to rescue your two children!

Enjoy this exciting hidden object adventure!

A young family stops in front of a mysterious old home for a picnic. As the mother closes her eyes under the warm sun, she hears a horrific crash. The kids! As she enters the house, she is confronted by a Mystical Mirror that has taken her children and locked them in a magical world.

To save your misbehaving children you must find all the pieces of the broken mirror. Help the characters of each mystical world solve a problem in order to collect broken mirror pieces. Can you solve the Mirror's Mysteries?

Main features:
- Help this young mother reunite with her children!
- Search for Hidden Objects to solve each world's problem!
- Meet and assist colorful characters along the way!
- Zoom feature: A must-have feature for every Hidden Object game to help find smaller items!
- Hints! Hints offered in case you get stumped.
- Easily create multiple new player profiles so that friends and family can also enjoy this Adventure Game!
- Gorgeous high quality illustrations!

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