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Mar 19, 2018
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About LingCor – Learn english easily Android App

- Are English vocabulary, grammar and speaking the biggest obstacles for you? Let’s return to your childhood - you remember pictures and words like a videotape recording in your head. You also easily remember your favorite lyrics to your favorite songs. So, why can’t you speak English even though you have been learning it for such a long time? LingCor - Interactive English Communication will help you maximize your brainpower capacity for English learning.
- Today, LingCor is the leading, intelligent learning software system, on the market. The artificial intelligence device collects learning-data from every student during the learning process, in order to provide them with the most relevant learning programme.
- LingCor applies modern teaching methods that maximize the brain’s capacity; helping you, to feel as though learning English is an extremely easy process.
- Have you ever wondered why children can remember TV commercials so easily? Or, why is it that you can remember what you were doing two hours ago? It's a bit like a screenshot in your head and there are many mysteries about the brain’s thinking process that you’re unaware of. LingCor helps you maximize your brainpower capacity for learning a foreign language, an ability that can also be applied to many other areas of one’s life.
- Importantly, LingCor gives you the motivation to learn English on an hourly and daily basis. You can interact and make friends with students from every corner of the world. Moreover, you have the chance to play many different, English fighting games, changing the way you learn into something of a rather exciting experience.
- LingCor also provides you with a full range of tools for learning English: spelling vocabulary, learning pronunciation via conversation, document reading, foreign teacher interactive online learning, phonics tools, grammar points designed through mind maps, tutorial videos, and smart vocabulary practice in every area and topic. As well as many other tools we are unable to list.
LingCor’s major differences when compared to other software:
- Brings real interactivity in combination with realistic, attainable theory
- Easy-to-view images with interactive designs
- Perfect understanding of the users’ perceptions

- Focus on spelling, grammar, and pronunciation practice - helping you understand the root of problems
LingCor – Learning english easily: Boost Motivation, Awaken Potential!

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Android 2.3.2+
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This version of LingCor – Learn english easily Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Mar 19, 2018)
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Android 2.3.2+
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