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Nov 28, 2013
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Fixed minor issues and added Android 4.4 support.

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** The selected work for Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013 Taiwan Pavilion!
** In harmonious woodcuts reminiscent of Marcia Brown’s grainy block prints.. Kirkus Review

A story that makes you smile knowingly and one that you will want to revisit over and again.

Combining questions of “Who are you?” and “Where are you from?” with the classic elements of children’s books, including journeying, searching and self-identification, interweaving the questions of growing up and Zen, a refreshing yet everlasting ending is produced. Completely based on Watermark Woodcut, the traditional technique of Print is demonstrated via a new medium of the digital era, centering the elegant and poetic visuals of Chinese ink painting.

With the carefully choreographed layout of interlacing pictures and words, punctuating the rhythm of reading so that one moment you are basked in the imagination evoked by words, and the next you are soaring through the woods, the meadow, the plum forest as well as canyons of the Eastern Taiwan, beckoning the core questions of life.

Zhou Jianxin, M. F. A. Fine Arts of Taipei National University of Arts, is famous for his “childhood” motif, with works depicting concepts of isolation, abandonment, family and dreams. He is interested in multi-media and multi-form creations with an expertise in Print, and his works were short-listed for International Biennial Print Exhibition at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. His first attempt at picture book in 2012, Missing Cat Notice, was the 24th Hsin-yi Children’s Literature Award winner. Little Oriole was his first published picture book, drawing inspirations from his childhood experience in Hualien.

●Original Digital Picture Book in Chinese and English!
A poetic and Zenic story in Chinese and English, latest work of the 24th Hsin-yi Children’s Literature Award winner hot out of the oven!

●Original Picture Book App, your very own Little Oriole
Print and treasure multiple ex-libris of different colors and patterns; when you finish, post it on the Endpaper of your Little Oriole, put your name on it, and make it your own unique collection.

●Fascinating Watermark Woodcut, bask in Zenic images
Guess how many layers of colors are required for one Print? With the animated printing process, the colorfulness unique to Print is depicted layer by layer.

●Refreshing Zenic Soundtrack
Scenarios vividly represented by the music; relax, and take-off with Little Oriole on a journey of freedom.

●Carefully Choreographed Interlacing of Pictures and Words
With pictures and words interlacing, imaginations run wild amongst the words and pictures.

●Solve Pictographic Puzzles
Solve puzzles and collect pictograms as Little Oriole fly past the entire east coast of Taiwan, see how Chinese characters evolved, and learn how Prints are produced with left and right reversed.

●Menu for Easy Access
Choose the page you want to go to, reading has never been easier.

●Share in Facebook
Printed ex-libris can be shared on Facebook for the whole world to see!

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Android 2.2 and up
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This version of Little Oriole Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Nov 28, 2013)
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Android 2.2 and up
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