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Oct 25, 2018
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What's New

Version 1.4.2

• Fixed an issue where the plugin didn't properly detect disconnect events.

• Fixed an issue for those running android 8+

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About Locale - Bluetooth On Connect Android App

The Locale Bluetooth On Connect condition plugin lets you choose settings on your Android device based on the connection, or lack of connection, to Bluetooth devices.

This Locale Bluetooth condition plugin will allow you to automatically change settings on your Android device based on connectivity to Bluetooth devices. For instance, perhaps you want your favorite voice notification app, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID+, to start up with certain settings when your Bluetooth headset connects. Or when you start your car and your device connects to your in-car Bluetooth, you may want the device volume to max out. The possibilities are endless!

Note that this is a plug-in for Locale and requires that you have Locale installed. Locale is sold separately by two forty four a.m. LLC.

This Locale plugin should also be compatible with Tasker (which is sold separately by CRAFTY APPS).

Please report any bugs, suggestions or feedback directly to us through email. Unfortunately, suggestions and bug reports in market comments will be ignored since we cannot follow up with you. Please contact us directly for refund requests within 24 hours of initial purchase.

Other Information:

Requires Android:
Android 4.3
Other Sources:


This version of Locale Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Oct 25, 2018)
Minimum OS
Android 4.3
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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