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New Weed Farming Simulator 3D

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Jan 19, 2018
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About New Weed Farming Simulator 3D Android Game

New Weed Farming Simulator 3D
Let’s start work on farm fields to sow weed.
Are you ready to grow the weeds in your farmhouse? If you’re ready then come and spend your time in marijuana farm. Plant and raise marijuana strains to use different type of pots or fertilizer to increase your cannabis weed growth. Become weed for the farmer and seeding the marijuana in your farm fields by using farming tractor. Perform your duty as a trafficker and sale ganja to your regular customer to earn profit in weed sim. Grow the weed in your farm fields and take care of them by giving water to your marijuana crop in plant game. After that spray pesticides chemicals to kill insects that are harmful for your weed growing. Use multiple machinery such as tractor, sprinkler and plow to sow weed in your farm field in ganja farmer. Become farmer of weed and a quit rebel with a cause in farming games. In the beginning, use pots for growing weed plant and take care of them from insects in ganja farm. Grow marijuana and become weed dealer to supply ganja to your regular customer to earn money in weed games.

You will use multiple variety of seeds in your ganja farms and sell them to the locals to increase your wealth. Become professional dealer to sell your ganja weed to your customer and other drugs addictive in weed simulator. You will take multiple steps to grow your weed in plant for games 2018. Initial levels are easy to play to build your farming skills in weed farm. When you will cultivate your marijuana farm then give water for their earlier weed growth and spray to kill insects in weed games. Use your mind and manage all the things that are used to grow the weed in farming games. Save your weed shop from thugs and dirty cops. Start your work on pot farm to cultivate weed in your farmhouse to earn money and expand your business in weed games. We will give you limited time to accomplish your farming tasks in weed simulator. You will take adventure during perform your weed farming duties and grow multiple weed plants on farm field in match ganja. We will give you realistic farming games environment with green weed farms. Sell all the weed; ganja and cannabis to market or other drug dealers to earn profit in weed games. Save yourself from police and other gangsters who attack to your weed shop in cannabis game. We will give you a chance to become weed boss and expand your ganja business all over the world. You will replant the weed farm to increase your cannabis production and sell them to market to make money in farming games. Increase your weed firm and create branches on different cities to supply ganja, weed or cannabis. This weed sim gives you in-app to unlock cannabis farms and to remove ads.

In plot farmer, we will give you realistic weed firm atmosphere with stunning marijuana deals. A third person takes care all of your work in the weed fields by using farming tools in weed games. We will give you limited time to complete your ganja farming tasks in farming games. When your weed crop is ready then third person uses cutter to cut all the cannabis and store them to warehouse in weed simulator. You will take incredible fun during play this weed flower. Come and quickly download this weed simulator.

New Weed Farming Simulator 3D Features:
• Realistic 3D farm simulation
• Your own marijuana farm
• Addictive and engaging weed game play
• Excitement and adventurous ganja game levels
• Smooth controls and real background music
• Realistic animation and game characters physics

Other Information:

Requires Android:
Android 2.3.2+
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This version of New Weed Farming Simulator 3D Android Game comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Jan 19, 2018)
armeabi-v7a x86
Minimum OS
Android 2.3.2+
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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