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Pathway to black hole.

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Dec 20, 2017
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launched 12/20/2017

About Pathway to black hole. Android Game

are you craving for some brain wrecking puzzles ?.
well pathway to black hole got your back covered with over 70 levels, pathway
will keep you addicted for hours,
show off your skills against the 72 levels of pathway and, collect stars and, unlock
all the 24 ball's skins and customize your game to the most.
pathway levels design is simple but at the same time
will put your aiming,timing and, precision skills to the test.
rotate the platforms and wait for the right moment and then tap the ball to release it
avoid obstacles so that you can reach the black hole without dying
pathway graphics are also on pair with the levels, with a simple flat styled artwork, 2d dynamic shadows and, colorful backgrounds makes pathway to black hole
one of the most beautiful puzzle games on android.

your mission is to find a pathway that will take the ball to the black holes
while at the same time you need to avoid the rotating and moving obstacles.
one hit and your out, you will fail a dozen of times but at the end you will find
the way after trial and error.

easy to play and to control just tap and rotate but it's hard to master, pathway features
accurate and predictable physics it's all about gravity and collisions.

pathway features:
-addictive gameplay
-2d dynamic shadows
-72 levels
-easy,normal,hard difficulties
-flat and clean artwork style
-easy controls
-24 skins
-it contains blackholes :D

Other Information:

Requires Android:
Android 4.1 and up
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This version of Pathway to black hole. Android Game comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Dec 20, 2017)
Minimum OS
Android 4.1 and up
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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