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Jan 01, 1970
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Bug fixes to original Pest View app. Note this will not automatically replace previous Pest View app. Please manually uninstall the old one. We apologize for the caused trouble.

About PestView 2.0 Android App

Learn more about how the Sentricon System works to aid in extermination of existing termite colonies and can even help prevent further infestation. This fun and interesting activity uses augmented reality to communicate information on the damage termites can causes, the types of population numbers, how termites move, what is special about Sentricon, and much more.

Visit and download your own version of the PestView symbol. Print out a copy of the symbol and place it on the wall. PestView uses your tablet’s camera and when the camera sees that symbol it launches the augmented reality content! For best results place the symbol around shoulder height. And keep your tablet around 3 ft. away.

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This version of PestView 2.0 Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

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