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Nov 26, 2019
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1. Bug Fixes

About Photocracker PRO -Photo Editor Android App

✔ With Photocracker you can handle all photo tasks!
✔ All-in-one functionality with a filter camera, collages, photo editing, snapshot, and photo frames
✔ Photocracker can use filters and templates that will be updated constantly for free
✔ You can easily share photos edited in Photocracker with other people.

1. Collage

★Solve everything with the collage functionality when you want to combine several photos and decorate them★

New Photo Collage!!
Photocracker boasts a new photo collage that overcomes the shortcomings of existing collages!

▶ Freedom to move, shrink, and zoom in photos
▶ Freely modify collage frames
▶ Control border colors, thickness and shape
▶ Edit photos with filters and decorate them with stickers
▶ You can use cell phone gallery photos as the background
▶ Download various background images and patterns for free

2. Filter Camera

★With just Photocracker Filter Camera anyone can take portfolio pictures. ★

With Photocracker's real-time filter all you need to do is snap when you want!!
Select the filters you want from general filters, art filters and light filters.
Portfolio pictures are created as soon as you shoot.
With just Photocracker, anyone can become a professional photographer.

▶ You can make portfolio pictures by applying various art filters, and light filters.
▶ You can download various filters that are newly registered for free.
▶ Various functions such as a silent camera, zoom-in, zoom-out and self-timer.
▶ You can decorate photos with the photo editor that you have taken and share them with other people.

3. Photo Editor

★Decorate your photos with stickers, add your own message and send as gifts to your friends~★

With the Photocracker app, you can add a variety of decorations to photos and share them with other people.

▶Edit in various ways with functions including the photo filters, decorator, frames, rotation, black and white, correction, cropping, and out-focusing
▶ Various frames provided including vintage, design and modern with even transparent stickers
▶ You can download newly-registered stickers and frames for free.

4. Photo Card

★Add pictures to your thoughtful messages and send to those you are grateful for. ★

You can send one-of-a-kind photo cards as gifts.

▶ Various card templates provided
▶ You can use card templates that are newly-registered with free downloads
▶ Share your completed cards easily with other people

5. Photo Frame

★You can store your treasured photos by putting them in a special frame. ★

Select the frame you want and insert a photo that looks good and your frame is complete!

▶ Offers various frames
▶ Grab your photos from SNS and decorate them
▶ You can beautifully decorate frames with filters and various stickers.
▶ Share edited frames with your friends~

6. Snapshot

★Show your style to friends by writing messages~★

▶ Various frame templates are provided.
▶ Decorate photos with various fonts with the font update.
▶ You can download various frame templates that are newly-registered for free

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Requires Android:
Android 4.0 and up
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This version of Photocracker PRO Android App comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Nov 26, 2019)
Minimum OS
Android 4.0 and up
Screen DPI
nodpi (all screens)

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