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Jan 01, 1970
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About Smart-Chalki, Smart-Islands Android App

Smart-Chalki offers a complete and accurate information system for the Greek Chalki island displayed on a 3D-background. Smart-Chalki is a Location-Based, multimedia iPad App providing information on travelling, accommodation, entertainment, leisure, history, weather, health, public issues, and many other.
With Smart-Chalki you can:
• Explore all island facilities and services via a single touch
• Get real-time weather forecasting
• Get impressive landmarks and POIs information
• Directly book your flight, boat and mooring
• Discover shops, restaurants, events, news, tours, and many more
• Panoramas, videos, social networks integration, GPS Detection
Smart-Chalki is created by the SMART-ISLANDS project. The SMART-ISLANDS products are operational applications on Android Tablets offering smart information to island visitors and citizens through state of art technology.

Keywords: Offline 3D maps, Greek Islands, Virtual Islands, Virtual Vacations, Smart Maps

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