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Jan 11, 2017
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About Zombie Planet Android Game

2015 most passionate exciting, thrilling adventure action shooting hand tour "Zombie Planet", is a pass through the arcade shooting game, players put themselves in the future of the world in 2216, due to human carelessness opened the "Pandora's magic box "- zombie virus is spreading earth, half of Earth's population have become undead zombie army, they bloodthirsty, when the Earth is in danger of a savior, he led the surviving humans of the zombie army rebellion, the player controls the protagonist it is the savior of this doomsday catastrophe, and now by the players to lead the surviving humans to defeat an army of zombies.

The game will be available to players five different protagonist, dozens of powerful weapons, rocket launchers, laser guns ... everything, weapons can also be upgraded to strengthen freedom, as well as the ability to vary the zombie army of BOSS, pass through the process more fun! What are you waiting for? Come and join in the war of liberation in this future of mankind!

☆ ☆ game system

■ Role: The game offers five main characters to the players to use the maximum capacity of the value of each protagonist and proud weapons are different, give players a different experience.

■ Map: Click on the map after the Raiders players can select the desired location (beginning only one place open, gradually open process with the game), click after you can enter the battle, according to enter different locations, you may be prompted players to buy recommended weapon to help players better research. (Plot points will be prompted SOS, was not prompted ordinary levels)

■ safe house: the game is the player's base camp safe house in a safe house to enter the map, a mall, an arsenal of weapons and equipment, lucky draw machine interface, the game will appear to rescue the survivors in a safe house .

■ arsenal: After the sale of all the weapons in the game, you can gradually strengthen arms purchases.

■ Weaponry: Weapons players to buy, you need this interface equipment, weapons and hold the weapons that have been purchased dragged into the tank, but can not exceed the maximum load current protagonist, weight lifting can be upgraded.

■ lucky draw machine: players can use the game to get gold in a series of incentives to extract weapons and props.

☆ ☆ http://goo.gl/c3Owd4 game fans

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Android 2.2+
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This version of Zombie Planet Android Game comes with one universal variant which will work on all the Android devices.

(Jan 11, 2017)
Minimum OS
Android 2.2+
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nodpi (all screens)

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