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Final Fight a type of fighting game, on sale in 1989, the theme of the game Final Fight in a chaotic metropolis called Metro, since the infested band (especially a man named Mad Gear triad), here has become the most chaotic place on the planet , and even the mayor Metro Haggar (the mayor is actually a Uncle Hengrou covered) girl Jessica was also kidnapped, and then three soldiers in the streets of boyfriend Jessica Cody, Haggar, etc. local determination to eradicate evil.

Final Fight was initially going to be a sequel to the original Street Fighter (yes, the really awful one), dubbed "Street Fighter '89", but since the one-on-one gameplay had been abandoned, Capcom decided to give it a whole new name and start a whole new series. Final Fight tells the story of a little berg named Metro City. Metro City, it seems, is pretty much the worst place on the face of the planet, since it's always overrun by a gang of ruthless thugs known as Mad Gear. Thankfully, the mayor happens to be a musclebound Street Fighter named Haggar who doesn't know the meaning of the word "caucus" but does know how to smash things real good. While Haggar is pretty much the star of the series, he's joined several other compatriots throughout the series, including average joe Cody and ninja-in-training Guy. The other games including a variety of other forgettable characters, but that's because most people tend to not remember the SNES-exclusive titles Final Fight 2 and 3 - which is a shame, since Final Fight 3 is one of the best of its kind.

If you are huge fan of neogeo fighting games then you absolutely know Final Fight.

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